Ronald was born in Holland into a truly entrepreneurial family owning shops and hotels.
Lived until the age of 15 in his granddad’s hotel who taught him all about stock-trading.
Studied notary and tax law at Leiden University.

Decided to join Philips for his first job, mainly because they impressed him with a splendid lunch, a good movie in a well-equipped auditorium and a really unstructured organization! On top of that, traditional law firms were not inspiring him.
After having lots of fun exploring the international corporate world, the drive to see things happen led him to participate in one of the first online wine shops. But the lack of full control frustrated him and the decision to bid a final farewell to a secure corporate world was made when an old sawmill became available for sale in Poland.

In fact, the circumstances in Eastern Europe as well as the status of the small wood business were far from good.
In a kind of last attempt having no skills or funds, he decided to take a beautiful natural table overseas including the complete history of how it was made and see what happened. And yes, it was the story that tells and sells!
Nowadays the old sawmill (1893) is still visible among hectares of logs, 17 kilns to dry lumber, computerized production facilities and more.
Rebellious Ronald is now living with his wife and 4 kids in beautiful Engadin – Switzerland, on a sunny platform (1470m) with a wide perspective in all senses; multi-language and multi-cultural. The absolute best setting for developing new green fields.