Trackable makes some really big steps in being viable green, socially beneficial and economically appropriate.
First, we started showing the origin and full production history of an item.
Now in certain regions, we are ready to show you the destiny as well.

When you are ready for a change after using an item for some time, we will soon be able to offer a service to collect your item and show you how we upcycle the parts into new products. In fact, the circular economy will be realized.
The former user may see the destiny and the next user can see the previous one as origin.

From the very beginning, our processes were based on paperless and QR-codes and now
we benefit from these choices enormously. Having a highly developed IT and CNC oriented
production has made it possible to handle the thousands of combinations coming with customized production.
Now TrackableWorld benefits from these choices by having full visible control of all parts wherever they may go.

Every item is delivered with a TrackableWorld certificate showing the origin and full history of the material(s) used plus a timeline of the production process including pictures. All these details are stored in a NFC chip under the logo on your item(s) and literally become visible after scanning with your mobile device.

“Trackable” is a world first!